Published Writing

Synchronicity and Flow

Sky writes in a variety of voices and fields, all related to using the physics of flow and synchronicity to enhance our quality of experience. Below is a sampling of articles written for a variety of publications.


One Father's Small Action Against Hate

I pointed to the magazine, “this is flat out dangerous."

The store manager stopped, took a moment to digest the cover of the magazine, and without further hesitation said, "If that's how you feel, we'll pull them all from the racks." With one hand he grabbed the entire stock of National Enquirer from the checkstand. 


The Source of Synchronicity

As conscious beings in a physical world, we would be forgiven if we find ourselves believing that physical reality is the ultimate “reality.” The illusion of definiteness that physical reality provides is so carefully woven that there are very few seams to give it away.

Yet there are seams that hold it together, and if you look carefully you can see them. Synchronicities can illuminate these seams where the illusion of the permanence of physical reality is not perfect. 

Six Habits That Create a Culture of Speaking Up

Why Speak Up? There are real benefits that come from speaking up. 

We become more authentic. By developing mindfulness, courage and discernment to speak up when it is appropriate, we become more authentic in every aspect of our lives.

We connect. With authenticity comes connection to others. Connection can make a difference in our personal and our professional lives.


Steps to practice political action in a responsive cosmos

Every choice we make builds momentum, because the cosmos we live in is responsive to our actions.

How can we make use of this process to make a difference in issues we care about? I have developed a sense for how to use my efforts effectively in order to “make a difference” and feel good about the time spent.

This article assumes that you are a busy person, engaged with many important things, yet you are passionate about the community in which you live, and often think about wanting to make a wider difference than you already do. 


Coincidence Driven Decision Making - White paper

Everyday we have to contend with obstacles every day whose sole purpose seems to be thwarting our plans.

A new theory of meaningful coincidences may tell us that by paying attention to the unexpected coincidences in our day, we can more easily navigate these challenges and come out happier and more successful in our efforts.

Living in Sync with Life

I do try to live a centered life, striving to stay grounded and patient throughout my day. But with all the demands of family, friends, and work, there is no way to avoid getting caught up in the whirlwind before too long. I can easily forget that place of centered calmness that rejuvenates me. Yet synchronicity provides a simple way to reconnect even if I can’t take time away. It provides a realistic way to maintain composure and respond with grace to anything that comes along.

When Fate Follows Free Will

The idea that we have free will to choose the course of our lives is common in our rational culture. Yet, when seemingly unrelated events  line up in a meaningful way, we suddenly sense a connection to something greater than ourselves, something that might be called "fate."

My research into synchronicity indicates that what we call "fate" follows as a result of our free will choices.


At Just the Right Time - A Dad's Perspective of a C-section

The doctor shouted orders at nurses and she said, “We need to do an emergency C-section.” Dana looked to me, seeking support.

I wanted to be a strong father, to guide things towards how we had envisioned them. But what came to me in that moment was that I wanted to arrive safely home with my baby and my wife. I didn’t care how it happened. I wanted to trust.


Can Synchronicity Cure Shyness?

Whenever the attention in the room turns on me, there is a pit in my stomach, and my natural personality seems to evaporate. In its place is an awkward, uncomfortable ten year old with pimples on his face. I can’t imagine that people all want to like me as I really am.

How do we access our vibrancy and uniqueness in those times when we want to curl up and disappear?

How I Use Physics to Pray

Think of a parking space representing a single dimension (or single possibility) for a car. A parking lot with all the spaces empty would represent an extra dimension to the car; i.e. a dimension of possible states.  The parking lot represents all the possible states that the car can occupy.

Imagine that each space metaphorically represents one possible version of your future. Since our normal physical world is 4-D, this can be thought of as a fifth dimension of possibilities.