The Science

A physics for organizations in the new millennium

The Tree of Possibilities

The basic idea of the model is that all the possible outcomes of a situation exist in a mathematical space of possibilities. Each of our lives is an enormously complex tree of possibilities. When you take any action, it projects from the trunk of the tree outward to all the “future” leaves, and then back to you at the trunk.

Meaningful History Selection

Any of the possible future outcomes that align with your action make that branch slightly more probable. So if an event leads toward the outcomes you are actively striving for, that event will become a bit more likely.

The Physics of Flow

These events are what we call meaningful coincidences, or “synchronicities.” We do not force synchronicities. Rather, we can align with circumstance, and then find that circumstance aligns with us in response. We call this "flow." 

Flow can help you forward on a path that you are working towards, or similarly can help you avoid a situation which leads away from that path. For instance, if we take actions that build trust, these will lead to unexpected events which give us the opportunity to become more trusted. Through this process, we build “momentum” towards the outcomes we consistently dedicate ourselves to.

Retro Event Activity Determination

Another way to view the process is to see that the opportunities available to you are determined after you make your choice of what to do. In the current worldview we think that the future possibilities are already in motion, and we have to guess the right response in advance.

In the new model you are being asked to recognize that the possibilities are not yet fixed. Rather, they become determined in response to your choice of action. Instead of guessing the right action, you proactively set out to blaze a trail and the world follows you. 

The model is rigorously based on the pillars of physics, relativity and quantum mechanics.