Matthew Fox, author of "Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh"

Reading this book made me happy.  And hopeful. As an elder and a spiritual theologian it moves me to learn from a young physicist who is posing perennial questions from the viewpoint of the new science.  Sky Nelson-Isaacs ignites new sparks that shed light on ancient mysteries.

Comparing some of Sky's findings (in parentheses) to language of the past, I find deep resonance with his insights: Mysticism (“living in flow”); Divinity as Light ("Light as timeless" yet present); Meister Eckhart on working without a "why" (“letting go”); the true self or inner person (the "inside"); faith ( “trust”); spirituality (“live vibrantly”); Cosmic Christ (a “pattern that connects”); Via Positiva (“awe,  gratitude and positive feedback cycle”); Via Negativa (letting go, emptying, meditation); Via Creativa (creativity); Via Transformativa (sparking societal change and new structures); Providence (“responsive universe”); experience of God (“observed or unobserved?”); spark of the soul or "ancilla animae" (“sparks”); compassion (“a relational universe”).

The author's method of LORRAX as the path to Flow parallels in many ways the four paths of creation spirituality named above.  There is rich and fertile ground here born of postmodern science for birthing a language that is far more friendly to spiritual and mystical realities than most of the perspective of the modern world view ever was or could be.  This book sparkles with insights and connections that we are all hungry for.

Sky Nelson-Isaacs