Living in Flow
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Living in flow helps us connect the dots between the events in our lives.

Sky delivers an inspiring, unique and practical message that can up-level the quality of your life. Sky teaches a scientifically based method of understanding and using life experience—the obstacles and synchronicities that show up in daily life—as a reliable guide for knowing how to move forward in areas where you are stuck.

Participants gain life-changing insights into the possibilities that their life holds. They improve their ability to see the challenges in their life within a wider context of healing and growth, allowing them to reignite themselves, get back into flow, and transform their pain into progress.

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“Nelson-Isaacs has given us a roadmap for…life lessons that must be taught to our young people, infused in every curriculum; every organizational leader in business, in government, and in civil society must learn, embrace and live by these principles. Today’s national and global challenges demand this.”

Joseph Jaworski, author of Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

Sky Nelson-Isaacs is that rare author and thinker working to increase the coherence of things rather than simply promote a new view. Whether examining one’s personal or professional life, whether focused on science, spirituality, or leadership in their community, his audience will find compelling insights to take away.

Ann Betz, BeAbove Leadership Consulting


Sky Nelson-Isaacs uses his engaging, clear-minded, scientifically informed prose to help you revolutionize the way you look at life, navigate your conscious experience, and shape the events that shape your life and the future of the planet.

Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD, Associated Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies, author of The Calling