The physics of flow helps us connect the dots between the events in our lives.

You race to put the finishing touches on your team’s presentation, only to find that your supervisor reschedules the meeting for the following week. Rather than be annoyed, you see it as an opportunity to go deeper. You solicit more input and use the extra time to make your presentation top-notch and practice your pitch. As luck would have it, on the date of the rescheduled presentation your division head is visiting and sits in. You get to shine in a bigger spotlight than you had imagined!

Is it just luck? Or can annoying obstacles serve as reliable redirections toward your kick-ass life? Can your invested energy shift the probability of meaningful events?

According to this model, when we invest ourselves in an idea, we build “momentum” toward the growth of that idea. Opportunities show up spontaneously to help it grow, and if you are ready for them, you can leap. These “synchronicities” serve to bring us to a more complete picture of who we are and what we are capable of, showing us new dimensions to our capacity as whole human beings.

In Sky’s workshop,

  • Discover a contemplative practice for recognizing opportunities to thrive that almost passed you by

  • Learn from your existing flow skills to bring more flow into other areas of your life

  • Take home the LORRAX process to find your next right move and get yourself unstuck

  • Be inspired by the apple tree model to build momentum toward your goals

Whatever the situation—whether work or play, personal or professional—having a flexible relationship with daily experiences can benefit your well-being. The worldview Sky will embody as he shares his experiences and knowledge with your community is one of inclusion, authenticity, and wholehearted effectiveness.

The LORRAX Process Cycle.slide6.png

The Apple Tree

Modeling quantum mechanics using an apple tree, Sky’s audiences see how their choices may build momentum toward the particular opportunities and obstacles they experience. They feel empowered and inspired to achieve more ease in their efforts, more dynamism in their projects, and more synergy in their relationships.

Understanding the physics of flow and synchronicity is a crucial skill for thriving in the complex environments of 21st century organizations and communities. Sky provides relevant and accessible examples and a clear, easy to follow model that will shift your worldview.


“Nelson-Isaacs has given us a roadmap for…life lessons that must be taught to our young people, infused in every curriculum; every organizational leader in business, in government, and in civil society must learn, embrace and live by these principles. Today’s national and global challenges demand this.”

Joseph Jaworski, author of Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership