The physics of flow helps us connect the dots between the events in our lives.

Is there an optimum way to move through the world? Is there an ideal approach to navigating your relationships or business opportunities? The physics of flow can serve to make this vision possible.

Too often, we see obstacles simply as obstacles. A deal that falls apart just needs to be patched up; a meeting that gets cancelled stops a project in its tracks. When we are inflexible in our perspective, we can miss unexpected twists and turns that may actually benefit us. When we do this in business, resources can be wasted or new deals missed. When we do this in relationships, we miss chances to grow our network or strengthen our partnerships.

Aiming for the Optimal Experience

In Sky's model of flow, obstacles can often serve as signs of redirection, or synchronicities, helping us solve bigger problems that weren’t yet visible from our current perspective. The author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes flow as a means to “optimal experience.” Sky shows individuals and organizations how physics may predict this state of flow when we align with circumstances. The response of the environment then tends to align with the choices we make. Events occur which wouldn't have otherwise happened, mirroring the choices we’ve made. Working in a state of flow allows us to navigate complex situations using obstacles and surprises as sources of useful information.

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Drawing on principles from his fundamental research in the “foundations of quantum mechanics,” and other sources such as work on Teal Organizations (Laloux), Agile Development models, and Adult Development (Kegan, Berger), Sky offers a practical framework for understanding the nature of flow in our work and personal environments. Through “coincidence-informed decision making,” we can notice and respond to flow in a way that helps us grab unforeseen opportunities and avoid potential problems.

The Apple Tree

Modeling quantum mechanics using an apple tree, Sky’s audiences see how their choices may build momentum toward the particular opportunities and obstacles they experience. They feel empowered and inspired to achieve more ease in their efforts, more dynamism in their projects, and more synergy in their relationships.

Understanding the physics of flow and synchronicity is a crucial skill for thriving in the complex environments of 21st century organizations and communities. Sky provides relevant and accessible examples and a clear, easy to follow model that will shift your worldview.

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Using a rigorous scientific model, Sky will work with your group to

  • Notice “signs of redirection” and determine how to respond
  • Understand how science applies to flow
  • Recognize obstacles as part of the flow
  • See how the flow is leading to alternate versions of your goal
  • Recognize what areas you are already cultivating flow
  • Use your Flow Area to help your Challenge Area