Pre-launch: Living in Flow Course

Pre-launch: Living in Flow Course


Find your power to “change and make change” through the Living in Flow Course.

Find what holds you back from living in flow, and learn how to free up your authentic power to get past what is blocking you.

The Course will be delivered as a series of videos to be taken at your own pace.

Sky will teach crucial content from the book Living in Flow, with exercises, activities, and ways of thinking and being in your life that will open you to a new experience of authenticity, vulnerability, and power to change your life in the ways you are inspired to.

Living in Flow Course Syllabus

  1. Reclaiming Your Power for Change:

    • How do I see my blocks and find my inner power?

    • “Students will identify what flow feels like for them and choose that same experience in other areas of their lives.”

  2. Retroactive Event Determination and Meaningful History Selection:

    • How does science support synchronicity?

    • “Students will gain insight into the scientific principles that support this model of synchronicity and will be able to transform their perception of life’s experiences to align with these principles.”

  3. Meaningful Action:

    • How do I find meaningful action?

    • “Students will master making meaningful decisions that are achievable and in alignment with their hopes and dreams.”

  4. Recognizing and creating synchronistic gateways:

    • How do I get to my next level of accomplishment?

    • “Students will identify the gateway opportunities available to them and create new ones through proactive synchronicity.”

  5. The LORRAX process:

    • How do I create synchronistic gateways?

    • “Students will learn techniques for responding effectively to synchronistic events to get back into flow when they feel off course.”

  6. From Fear to Authenticity:

    • How do I move from fear to authenticity?

    • “Students will embody their own boldness to generate synchronicity and discover the power of their heart to transcend the fear of being authentic.”

  7. Flow:

    • How do I experience flow consistently?

    • "Students will capture the tools to use synchronicity to effectively deal with life-blocks and discover the best way to make choices on a daily basis to live in flow and create a ‘life worth living.’"

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