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Life revolves around making choices.

We each have some personal relationship with how we make our choices in life. Most of us struggle with it sometimes or most of the time. There are thousands of choices we have to make everyday, forming a tree of possible experiences we could have.

Some choices are very impactful. These are branching points on the tree where the outcomes are very different from each other.

Living in Flow describes a theory of synchronicity which involves

  1. noticing the important choices when they come up

  2. seeing them in context of a larger journey of inner growth and healing, and

  3. using the meaningful context to decide for yourself what to do next.

Available courses and dates

Living in Flow Video Series

This “go at your own pace” video series goes in-depth into some of the most important ideas in Living in Flow, exploring each of the major topics of the book and providing simple exercises in each episode to help you integrate the material into your daily life.

  • Launching August 5, 2019

  • Cost TBD

LORRAX MasterClass

We’ll dive deeper into the simple but often challenging steps of the LORRAX process, a versatile tool for getting unstuck and reentering your own sense of flow. If you sometimes struggle with the best thing to do next in order to make progress in your life, this live intimate class setting will provide a community to help you practice these tools within your actual experiences.

This MasterClass with Sky on the LORRAX process for getting back into flow (8 weekly online meetings with Sky in a small group setting)

  • 8 weekly online meetings, Fall series schedule TBD

  • Cost TBD


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