Living in Flow
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Many people have clarified a variety of interesting issues through the lens of the flow experience.

Few have done this more successfully than Sky Nelson-Isaacs, who uses flow to explain the mysteries of synchronicity.
— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

“I am deeply grateful that Sky Nelson-Isaacs has written this book. These are life lessons that must be taught to our young people. They should be infused in every curriculum, beginning at an early age. Every organizational leader in business, in government, and in civil society must learn, embrace and live by these principles. Today’s national and global challenges demand this.” Joseph Jaworski, author of Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

“Reading this book made me happy.  And hopeful. As an elder and a spiritual theologian it moves me to learn from a young physicist who is posing perennial questions from the viewpoint of the new science.  Sky Nelson-Isaacs ignites new sparks that shed light on ancient mysteries.” Matthew Fox, Author of Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh: Transforming Evil in Soul and Society


“In ‘Living in Flow’ Sky Nelson-Isaacs draws from the deep well of quantum mechanics as well as from numerous personal anecdotes to offer sage and witty advice for living in synchronicity with the universe and one's ideals -- a mystic tool kit for life in this scientific age.” Daniel P. Sheehan, Professor of Physics, University of San Diego


“Meaningful history selection? Exactly what the world needs, and certainly what you can use to help you live in flow with the world's events. Sky Nelson-Isaacs uses his engaging, clear-minded, scientifically informed prose to help you revolutionize the way you look at life, navigate your conscious experience, and shape the events that shape your life and the future of the planet." Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD, Associated Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies, author of The Calling.


“A bold effort to bring forward to the layperson what at first appears as out of the ordinary or even an unbelievable way to understand the world. Is it possible that synchronicities are all around us and we can learn to see their workings? Sky Nelson-Isaacs believes so and makes a compelling case that is based in modern quantum physics. It gives us a way to know that living in the flow, being authentic and living from the heart are not a dreamer’s view of the world but an experience that can help us shape our world in a meaningful and at the same time in a fun way. The book has many anecdotal and personal stories to show the mysterious way of how real synchronicity is, how it operates.” Menas C. Kafatos, Fletcher Jones Endowed, Professor of Computational Physics, Chapman University


“The first thing that strikes me after reading the book is how inviting the prose is, even though the subject matter may be conceptually challenging to a newcomer to the subject. Nelson-Isaacs develops difficult or subtle concepts for the reader in a progressive way, with helpful examples taken from daily life, often from his own and other contributors’ life stories. The description of the quantum theory underlying his ideas of synchronicity and the mechanism of meaningful history selection is clear, accessible, and a convincing case is made for their relevance to synchronicity.  What is controversial here is the claim that principles originating in the study of microscopic systems, such as retroactive event determination (i.e. Wheeler’s delayed choice experiments), also apply in the macroscopic world of everyday human events.  But here too the arguments are clear, and Nelson-Isaacs points out precisely where additional evidence is needed to support his theory. The book is both a personal account and a scholarly work, with a generous number of citations for those who wish to explore further. Nelson-Isaacs offers two appendices to address some of the inevitable counterarguments to his main thesis.

Nelson-Isaacs offers not only a way of conceptualizing experiences many of us have every day, but also a practical way of living that takes an optimistic view of how we relate to the universe.” Siegfried Bleher, Assistant Professor of Physics, Fairmont State University


“In this rare gift Sky Nelson-Isaacs has given us a remarkably insightful and readable understanding of synchronicity and how to live into it.” Leslie Allan Combs, Author of “Synchronicity : Through the Eyes of Science, Myth and the Trickster”



“Sky Nelson-Isaacs has written the book so many of us have been waiting for. With clear language, compelling stories and most of all, powerful science, he lays out a comprehensive exploration of how we can come to understand the ‘patterns and commonalities between things that seem completely distinct.’ He is that rare author and thinker working to increase the coherence of things rather than simply promote a new view. Whether examining one’s personal or professional life, whether focused on science, spirituality, or leadership in their community, readers will find compelling insights to take away.” Ann Betz, BeAbove Leadership Consultants


“Understanding and accessing the phenomenon of synchronicity is an important issue for the 21st century and Sky Nelson-Isaacs has given us a valuable key to unlock the vexing question of how synchronicities happen and where they belong in our uncertain and complex world.

Sky brings a vigour and rigour to his analysis and locates his interpretation of synchronicity in day to day examples that have happened to him and to others, giving the reader a step-by-step analysis of synchronicity and how the theory applies.

Sky develops an original model of synchronicity called ‘meaningful history selection’. Grounded in quantum physics the visual model of the tree of possibility helps us understand how some choices are made en route while others not, highlighting how we choose particular branches based on our intent. Of special importance to me is how Sky links his theory of synchronicity to events in the outside world. Whilst he correctly asks us to ‘check inside ourselves’ he also asks us to join the cosmic dance of synchronicity as it relates to events in the world. Synchronicity is after all both an inside and an outside job.” Dr. Philip Merry: Author of the first grounded PhD research into Synchronicity and Leadership, founder Philip Merry Consulting Group, a Singapore Global Leadership Consulting Company


“This book is a read of Sky’s heart and will serve as light post of the streets of your life both professionally and personally. The insights and wisdom will aide you in traveling through your journey with the power of gratefulness for all the circumstances and how they work together for good.” Matt Upton, Speaking of Success: Transformational Coach , KeyNoter, and Author of ‘Oh, Yes, Yes You Can!: Principles in Leapology’


“Sky Nelson shares a bounty of insight about the scientific basis of intuition, and specifically about the interface of inner guidance, science and our daily lives. Using personal stories as the anchor for the information, he weaves memorable anecdotes together with valuable scientific insight and shares a vision for our future that is both inspiring and practical.” Kimberly Carter Gamble, Producer, Director, Co-Writer of the widely acclaimed film, THRIVE.


“Within these pages you will find answers to some of life's greatest mysteries!” Glenna Salsbury, Professional Speaker and Author of The Art of the Fresh Start


Spiritual Practice

“Sky Nelson-Isaacs has created something exciting in Living in Flow in which he explores meaning, perspective, authenticity, synchronicity, and all the things that make up the flow of our universe.  Sky invites the reader in with a friendly, down-to-earth warmth, helping the non-scientist stay engaged. References to research and personal anecdotes make Living in Flow a compelling work that I enjoyed immensely.” Rev. Edward Viljoen, Lead Minister, Santa Rosa Center for Spiritual Living, Author of Ordinary Goodness, The Surprisingly Effortless Path to Creating a Life of Meaning and Beauty


“If you have been dazzled -- and bewildered -- by the strange world of quantum physics, this book is for you.  Living in Flow is one of the most thrilling volumes bridging modern physics with life experiences to appear in years. Physicist Sky Nelson-Isaacs brilliantly reveals the possible links between quantum physics and the enchanting synchronicities we all bump into from time to time.  What emerges is a view in which space, time, and consciousness hold hands in an inspiring, unitary picture of reality. Nelson-Isaacs’ engaging style puts the reader first.  His book is both heartful and artful, a personal, warm, down-to-earth account. You don’t have to be a physicist or have a mathematical mind to enjoy this excellent book; a sense of wonder will do.”  ~ Larry Dossey, MD Author: ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

Excerpt from "Living in Flow"...

“Just as water avoids the extreme peaks and flows in the middle of a valley, flow lives on a middle path. On this path, we honor our outer need for material abundance, for what it can teach us and what delight it can bring. We also honor our inner need for meaningful experiences, for the richness and color that they bring to our lives. Without denying our own needs, we can yet find things to do which bring more love and care into the world. By living from the heart with boldness, gratitude and self-awareness, flow helps us find a deeper sense of dynamic safety in the world even when the outer circumstances feel uncertain.

From this fundamentally different place of stepping fully into our lives, each of us can be a part of a shift to ‘flow consciousness’ that can support a worldwide renaissance in creativity. This shift has already started, as more and more people build symbolic momentum in the direction of a world which works for and honors everyone."