Sanity Snack: Want to Achieve a Meaningful Life? Focus on Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a meaningful alignment of two events that creates an experience we are seeking to have, whether consciously or not. We have all experienced synchronicity, even if we did not recognize it. Some synchronicities help you live a meaningful life more than others.

For example, imagine a much anticipated road trip and the vehicle breaks down. While waiting by the side of the road, a mechanic who specializes in the same type of car driven stops to lend a hand.

Philosophers and scientists have theorized about the nature of synchronicity for decades. I believe the phenomenon can be described with a model of a branching tree of life’s events. The branches are drawn from our understanding of quantum mechanics.

Synchronicity — A meaningful coincidence

Each of the possible circumstances in life shows up as a branch on this tree. And through a process called “meaningful history selection,” the most meaningful branches become statistically more likely. These branches are the meaningful coincidences or synchronicities.

I suspect that synchronicities show up in our lives in response to our inner emotional dialogue, or our felt experience. The parts of ourselves that are wounded influence synchronicities. They do so by re-experiencing the wound for the purpose of understanding and making different meaningful life choices.

Synchronicity is a program which works without fail. It is a scientific law, yet also composed of conscious experiences. It is a conscious or “awake” law of physics rather than the usual impersonal laws. In my understanding, it is fully compatible with the notion of cosmic consciousness or divine mind.

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Sky Nelson-Isaacs