Steps to practice political action in a responsive cosmos

How to put energy into campaigns beyond yourself in ways that feel worthwhile and don’t waste your energy

The physics of flow and synchronicity, to the extent that I have studied it, indicates that when each of us takes directed action in our lives, circumstances spontaneously rise which assist in moving our intended cause forward. Put another way, the cosmos we live in is responsive to our actions. These meaningful coincidences are not constrained in time and space; they can entail something as intimate as crossing paths with a friend on the street to something as public as turning on the television to a talk show topic I happen to be working on. In some cases, the coincidence may seem very personal, yet in other cases there are circumstances far beyond my personal world that have to align.

How can we make use of this process to make a difference in regional or even worldwide issues that are important to us...?


Sky Nelson-Isaacs