The Physics of Flow - Flow For the Future (part 5 of 5)

Flow is more than a mindset. It is a method of decision-making which I
suspect makes use of fundamental physics to bring us meaningful
circumstances. Aligning with flow is, in my view, a step into the future that
awaits our ultra-connected civilization. I close this series with a look at the
way our civilization can evolve to use flow in everything we do.

Letting Go of Microcontrol

Imagine releasing the reigns of “microcontrol,” the management of minutiae,
in day to day living, yet in doing so finding ourselves flush with
opportunities. Flow encourages us to do precisely this: focus on the larger
picture and allow the details to fall into place ease-fully.

When we practice non-attachment as discussed in the previous installation of
this series, flow encourages us to let some plans fall apart. We do our tasks
for their own sake because we can trust that meaningful circumstances will
arise to help us. As long as we continue to take meaningful action, we can
feel confident that useful opportunities will come along, and on the flip side
we can gracefully let go of opportunities that don’t work out. With flow, we
are powering the boat but we are no longer holding on tightly to the rudder.
Rather, we are setting the course and then carefully responding to the
opportunities which are presented.


Sky Nelson-IsaacsComment