Living in Flow
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About Sky Nelson-Isaacs

When we align with circumstances, circumstances align with us.

Sky Nelson-Isaacs is an author and physics educator building a foundation for a scientific understanding of synchronicity in our modern world.

Sky has a masters degree in physics from San Francisco State University, has had careers in education, in the software industry, and in music, and has spent the past twenty years studying synchronicity, with the last 12 years publishing academic papers on it.

Sky was raised amidst the teachings of Integral Yoga creator Sri Swami Satchidananda, through which he developed a modern, no BS perspective on spiritual inquiry which has guided his scientific pursuits. Sky has always been passionate about personal and professional development, training with The Pathways Institute (Carole Kammen and Jodi Gold) as a young adult, and years later with the More to Life program (Dr K. Bradford Brown and Dr Roy Whitten).

Sky relies on a mix of modalities—science + self inquiry—to learn from life. Sky is a parent, husband, author, speaker, and trainer, as well as physicist, educator, musician, award-winning composer and performer, and software engineer.

Flow is the way people will live in the new millennium

Professional background

  • Three peer-reviewed articles relating to fundamental physics and synchronicity

  • Thought leader on synchronicity in popular media

  • Secondary School physics and math educator

  • Over 100 presentations and performances in six states

  • Software Engineer and Project Coordinator

  • Awards in songwriting and performance


  • MS Physics, San Francisco State University

  • Teaching Credential, Sonoma State University

  • BA Physics, University of California, Berkeley

The Science

The Tree of Possibilities

What is a synchronicity? A synchronicity is a “meaningful” event which becomes more likely because it leads to an “experience” you are seeking to have.

Imagine that all the possible experiences you could have exist in a timeless and spaceless mathematical space of possibilities. A tree.

Retroactive Event Determination

The world around you is undetermined until you determine it. Life’s events are free to fall into place when you experience them. What led this person to show up at this particular time and place? According to retroactive event determination their history is flexible. This becomes retroactively determined at the moment you see them.

Meaningful History Selection

With every choice you make, you are anticipating experiences. You invest time setting up your kid’s birthday party because you want them to have a great birthday experience. You drive fast because you are anticipating receiving a rebuke from your manager for being late.

Any of the future experiences that align with your action become slightly more probable. These branches of the tree grow apples and become heavier. If an area of the tree is heavily weighed down by apples, all the possible events on that part of the tree become more likely.

A synchronicity is one of these events which has its probability boosted because it leads toward the apples you are actively striving for. At the last minute the birthday party gets rained out, but that same week your cousin is moving houses and asks you to store some of their things, including a bunch of indoor party games for kids. The party is a success.

But synchronicity is not a “positive” thing. The process is neutral, so that if we dwell on worry about our manager’s reaction to us being late, we might disregard our GPS’s instructions and follow a “short cut” to work to save time, only to find unexpected roadwork that makes us decisively late. The road work is a synchronistic event because it leads to the experience we are anticipating.

The Physics of Flow

We do not force synchronicities. Rather, we can align with circumstance, and then find that circumstance aligns with us in response. We call this "flow."

Flow can help you forward on a path that you are working towards, or similarly can help you avoid a situation which leads away from that path. For instance, if we take actions that build trust, these will lead to unexpected events which give us the opportunity to become more trusted. Through this process, we build “momentum” towards the outcomes we consistently dedicate ourselves to.

Talks, Trainings and Webinars

  • Healing Touch Professional Association Keynote (2019, CA)

  • Healing Touch Professional Association, webinar (2018)

  • BeAbove Leadership, professional coaching, webinar (2018)

  • Bay Area Consultants Network, keynote (2017, CA)

  • Bay Area Directors of Admission, training (2017, CA)

  • Executive MBA program, Sonoma State University, training (2018, CA)

  • Open Circle Center, training (2017, CA)

  • Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, poster presentation (2018, CA)

  • Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa, presentation (2018, CA)

  • Unity Center of Peace, presentation (2018, AZ)

  • Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living, presentation (2017, CA)

  • Unity in Santa Rosa, presentation (2016, CA)

  • Unity in Marin, presentation (2018, CA)

  • Oakbrook Center for Spiritual Living, presentation (2012, FL)

  • Unity Center of North Idaho, presentation (2019, ID)

  • Unity of Melbourne, presentation (2012, FL)

  • Austin Center for Spiritual Living, presentation (2010, TX)

  • Institute of Noetic Sciences affiliate group, training (2015-2019, CA)

  • Science and Non-Duality Conference, presentation (2010-2019, CA)

  • Science of Consciousness Conference, presentation (2010-2018, AZ)

  • Society for Scientific Exploration Conference, presentation (2010, CO)

  • Western Institute for Social Research, training (2018, CA)

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